Maryland State Council of REACT Teams Inc.
In emergencies, reliable communications are the lifeline for survival. 

REACT is a public service organization comprised of private radio operators serving travelers and their communities alike with radio communications.  Member volunteers are dedicated to improving their communities by providing voluntary, two-way communications. 

  • using their radios in the interest of public safety.  Many teams monitor Citizens Band [CB] Radio Emergency Channel 9.  Many also use radios called General Mobile Radio Service (GMRS) and have access to local GMRS Repeaters, generally on the 462.675 MHz frequency. Some teams have more than one repeater, or may be on different frequencies.  

REACT Teams host "Safety Wake Breaks" on holiday week-ends along the highways.  Because of our efforts, REACT is a recipient of the President's Volunteer Action Award. Our member teams work to "assist in and improve" their local communities, work an untold number of small local emergencies ranging from single family house fires, multi-unit apartment fires, brush fires, chemical spills, train derailments, to assisting during shelter operations by the Red Cross, Salvation Army or other agencies during floods, and of course our relentless monitoring of Emergency CB Channel 9.

Maryland State Council of REACT Teams Inc. is a volunteer, not for profit, 501 c-3 tax exempt organization

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Purposes include: 

  • the correct usage of CB Emergency Channel 9.   
  • developing the skilled use of the CB Radio Service, GMRS (UHF), Amateur with packet,  BBS, Cellular and other radio services as additional sources of communications in emergencies.   
  • coordinating efforts with other emergency organizations including Police, FEMA, NOAA, RACES, ARES, NOVAD, the Salvation Army and the American Red Cross.   
  • providing public service communications for travelers and their local communities.    

Today's REACT Teams provide Safety Radio assistance for community events such as:

  • parades,  
  • runs,  
  • walk-a-thons,  
  • bike tours,  
  • boat races and even 
  • hot air balloon festivals.